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Laughter Yoga News


Laughter in the Park

Residents of Taman Setia Indah meet every Saturday, 7.30am to laugh for 30 minutes with laughter & breathing exercises. The laughter yoga leader in this group is Siew Mei.

Laugh for good health, joy and peace... Hohohahaha


Laughter at a Health & Beauty Seminar

19th March 2011. The ZON Regency Hotel organized a Health & Beauty Seminar for women to commemorate International Women's Day. More than 50 women from the Women Association of Johor & ZON Community members attended this event. Laughter exercises kick started the morning event and had the women in stitches.


The Cops are Laughing

5th March 2011. Ibu Pejabat Polis, Polis Di-Raja Malaysia, Kontijen Johor (Jalan Tebrau)

Dr Madan Kataria, the Founder of Laughter Clubs movement and members from the Johor Bahru Happy & Joyous Club visited the Johor Police Headquarters.
More than 50 police personnel turned up in the late morning for an hour of laughter led by the Laughter Guru.
Dr Kataria said, "We can laugh for no reason, no jokes, no humour. Laughter is generated through exercises in a group coupled with childlike behavior and eye contact".
He added that benefits of laughter include reducing stress, creates emotional well-being, promotes peak performance, enhances creativity and build team spirit.


Dr Madan Kataria Press Conference & Public Seminar



Laughter Sessions : Johor Bahru:
Mondays: Taman Suria 7.00am

Tuesdays BCSG Centre 9.30am
Wednesdays Leisure Mall 7.00am
Fridays Mt Austin 7.30am

Fridays Hospital Permai 9.00am (2nd Fri of month)

Saturdays Taman Setia Indah 7.30am
Saturdays Harris @ Jusco Tebrau 8pm (1st Sat of month)
Saturdays Taman Molek 7.00am

Sundays Hutan Bandar 8.00am

Sundays Setia Tropika 7.00am

Laughter Sessions : Muar, Johor

Wednesdays Jalan Sakeh 7.15am

Sundays New Tanjung 7.00am


MAY 2011

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